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For more than 60 years Clausen Companies has sought new ways to serve the needs of our many customers. Clausen Trucking has expanded into a company that serves both local and national firms with their distribution and transportation needs. Whether in dry bulk, with our fleet of vacuum pneumatic trailers, or in dry van freight, our low cost transportation services save you, our customer, time and money.

Our base of operations is located in Clinton, Iowa and staffed by experienced transportation specialists whose main objective is to get your shipment to its destination safely and on time, every time. We have the ability to deliver loads overnight in a 600 mile radius; a geographic service area reaching over 75 million people.

The entire fleet at our disposal is owned by Clausen Trucking, state of the art, and maintained in-house, ensuring peak performance on the road and during the loading/unloading process. This ability to maintain our equipment equates to fewer service delays and disruptions for our customers.

In today’s highly regulated trucking industry, safety is critical and of utmost importance. We fully train and demand the highest level of competence from our drivers. Our motto, “Quality First, Safety Always” says it all.

Clausen Companies Trucking

Services Offered:

  • Food Grade Dry Bulk Delivery
  • Pneumatic and Vacuum Pneumatic Trailers
  • General Commodities
  • Dry Freight Delivery
  • 48’ & 53’ Air Ride Dry Vans
  • Flatbeds
  • Rail Car Loading/Unloading
  • Rail Car Storage

At Clausen Trucking, we believe that fostering good customer relations is the foundation for building enduring customer loyalty.

Reliable Operations, Nationwide Reach

Headquartered in Clinton, Iowa, our seasoned transportation experts prioritize the safe and timely delivery of your shipments. With our strategically located base, we ensure swift deliveries within a 600-mile radius overnight, servicing an expansive geographic area encompassing over 75 million individuals.

Cutting-Edge Fleet for Unmatched Performance

Our fleet, exclusively owned and meticulously maintained in-house by Clausen Trucking, boasts state-of-the-art equipment. This dedication guarantees peak performance on the road and during loading/unloading, minimizing service disruptions and ensuring seamless operations for our valued customers.

Safety-Driven Excellence

In today’s regulated trucking industry, safety reigns supreme. At Clausen Trucking, our drivers undergo rigorous training, maintaining the highest standards of competence. Our motto, “Quality First, Safety Always,” echoes our unwavering commitment to ensuring both superior service and paramount safety.

Building Lasting Partnerships

At Clausen Trucking, we firmly believe in nurturing strong customer relationships as the cornerstone of fostering enduring loyalty. We prioritize understanding your unique requirements and delivering solutions that exceed expectations, ensuring a seamless and reliable transportation experience.